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The Coach Training Bonus – Personal Development

One huge benefit of registering for a coach training program is that you will grow and obtain wisdom beyond your years with regard to your life, your personal development and your role on this planet. You are sure to obtain these pearls of wisdom through any course you take at World Coach Institute. So, how [...]

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Posted on 17th February 20102 Comments
7 Tips for Coach Training School Comparison

With so many options of varying price and quality how does one compare? Here are some practical areas to compare when reviewing coach training schools. * Cost. Coach training programs range from $700 USD to over $15,000 USD. Try dividing the number of “live” coach training hours into the total cost for a basic comparison. [...]

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Posted on 16th February 20102 Comments
7 Qualities to Look for in a Coach Training Program

If you are considering life coach training, career coach training or any other type of coach training you probably have found a number of options out there and may be feeling overwhelmed. I understand. I was there once too! A good coach training program like the programs offered at World Coach Institute will encompass several [...]

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