Posted on 17th February 20106 Responses
Becoming a Coach – 5 Career Transition Tips

World Coach Institute

If you have decided to transition into a coaching career while still holding another job here are some tips for a smooth transition.

1. Obtain a coaching certification. There are many evening and daytime coach certification courses offered to suit any schedule. Choose one that offers a minimum of forty-eight hours of “live” training with an additional minimum of twelve hours of self-study so that if you decide to apply for an International Coach Federation (ICF) credential you will have enough coach training hours to do so. I highly recommend World Coach Institute.

2. Be patient. Give yourself time to study, learn and practice your coaching skills. Then work on business development and marketing. If you plan to start your own practice you will need to have a website and some business cards printed. Choose a coach certification course that works with you on business development and marketing as well as your coaching skills.

3. Believe. There are an abundance of people out there who need your services. If you offer telecoaching your target audience is the world. I have clients on three continents. Believe that as long as you are taking action you will attract an abundance of clients to your practice.

4. Forecast. Create some financial goals for yourself. Using the average $171 per coaching hour work back to how many clients you will need to attract in order to cover your expenses and then meet your goals. And then choose a coach training school that will show you how to attract clients.

5. Keep your day job. Until you are bringing in enough income to cover your expenses and meet your financial goals hold onto your current source of income.