Posted on 17th February 20106 Responses
Coaching Career Opportunities – 8 Ideas

World Coach Institute

Most life coach training courses encourage you to choose a niche such as Divorce Recovery Coaching or Career Coaching. Within each of these niches lie endless opportunities. As a Coach and Coach Trainer I know that most six-figure income coaches ultimately end up tapping into multiple streams of income. Here are 8 ideas for areas within which you might obtain coach training. Training in these areas is included in the programs at World Coach Institute.

1. One-on-One Coaching: This is your traditional coaching relationship where someone hires you to coach them a few times a month on an ongoing basis.

2. Group Coaching: This is your traditional coaching model extended to a group of people who hire you to coach on an ongoing basis.

3. Laser Coaching: Laser coaching generally means precise, short coaching sessions. They are often one-off sessions meant to resolve a very particular challenge.

4. Publishing: Both eBook creation and self-publishing are great ways to get your name out there and attract new clients.

5. Speaking Engagements: Learning to create and deliver as a speaker is a skill many motivational coaches use to increase their income.

6. Workshops and Seminars: Learn to create and hold a workshop or seminar and you earn by charging attendees to participate or by converting attendees into clients.

7. eCourses: Time-starved clients appreciate the option to be coached via an eCourse. Just provide the materials to the Coachee and include exercises, field work or assignments for them to complete with each lesson.

8. DVD’s: If you hold a seminar, have someone video tape you speaking. You can then package and sell these DVD’s.