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7 Qualities to Look for in a Coach Training Program

World Coach Institute

If you are considering life coach training, career coach training or any other type of coach training you probably have found a number of options out there and may be feeling overwhelmed. I understand. I was there once too!

A good coach training program like the programs offered at World Coach Institute will encompass several key qualities:

1. Coach Training Hours. Enough hours to qualify you for
International Coach Federation (ICF) accreditation so that if you choose to get your credential you may do so as soon as you receive your coach certification or at a later date. You need 48 “live” tele-class hours and an additional 12 self-study hours to apply for the entry-level ICF credential. These must be centered on the ICF Core Competencies. The program does not have to be ICF approved or accredited to count toward your ICF credential application.

2. Coaching Practicum. Review of your coaching skills by your Coach Trainer and practical application. Coaching theory is wonderful to learn but without practical application you may find yourself a bit lost on how to apply what you have learned. Look for a school that offers in-class coaching or a coach training practicum.

3. Buddy Coaching. Buddy coaching is the practice of coaching with your classmates outside of class. Not only do you build your coaching hours but you develop amazing relationships, some that last a lifetime. The people you meet in your classes are going to be your biggest supporters. They are going to be the people you lean on after the course ends. Your classmates are often a good source of referrals too as everyone specializes in a particular coaching niche.

4. Coaching Tools. Your program should provide you with coaching tools to use with your clients. These may include a Welcome Packet, Coaching Agreement, an Assessment, and Coaching forms.

5. Business Building Techniques. Often times coach training programs teach you the theory and even the skill but leave you hanging when it comes to business development. Make sure your coach training program offers some coach business building and marketing skills too!

6. An Instructor Who Cares. Speak with your Instructor or the Director of the program before you get started to find out if you are a match. You will be spending a lot of time with this person or people so you want to find out if they really care about your development as a Coach and the success of your business. Be careful of Coach Trainers who are looking to sell their ICF mentoring services at $250 – $300 per hour.

7. And Finally, Trust Your Intuition. Go with your gut. Listen to your heart. Remember, when you talk to the person representing a school they are going to plant ideas in your head about their competition. It is important to decipher between the fluff and the tangible offering.