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Training Philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in years of application.

We believe that no matter what area you coach within or what niche you choose as your lead niche you will always end up coaching the whole person; or whole business.

Therefore, it is our philosophy that our students be able to handle any situation that a client may bring to them. Our core Certified Professional Coach training, which is included in all of our courses, trains you to handle any situation.

What does this mean for you, your client, and your business?

Usually coaches choose a niche area or niche areas to specialize within. By doing so, they become experts. Our niche coach training builds on the Certified Professional Coach core giving you additional tools and applications to become an expert in that particular area.

While you are becoming an expert in a select niche or niches you will still want to know how to handle any situation the client brings to you.

For example, you may choose to become a Relationship Coach working with clients on marital issues. The client will hire you to resolve this broad challenge. During each coaching session the client gets to choose the topic. Many areas of life may affect a marital relationship including but not limited to weight management, health, career or business responsibilities, and children. Therefore, your client may wish to be coached on weight loss or finding a new career to ultimately help their marital relationship.

Through our training you will learn the practical application of our methodology to ensure a 100 percent success rate for every one of your coaching sessions.