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ICF Credential

Through WCI you will become a Certified Coach.
Some coaches decide to pursue an ICF (International Coach Federation) credential. You can choose to become an ICF Member for $245 per year plus 60 hours of approved training (which can be 48 teleclass or in-person hours + 12 self-study hours) instead of or in combination with your ICF Credential. About 40% of the 20,000 global ICF members currently hold an ICF credential though in 2013 the ICF awarded 25% more credentials than the year prior.

ICF ACSTH Approved Coach Training Hours

All of our Foundational Teleclasses give you 48 ICF ACSTH Approved Teleclass Coach Training Hours plus even more self-study hours and our CCMC Teleclass contains 52 Teleclass Coach Training Hours; all of which are accepted by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for coaches applying for an ICF credential.
The ICF offers three levels of credentialing:
ACC - (Associate): 60 hours coach training (only 12 can be self-study and 48 must be "live", such as a teleclass or in-person coach training hours); a majority must be on the ICF Core Competencies, 100 hours coaching others, 10 hours being coached by an ICF PCC or MCC coach

PCC - (Professional): 125 hours coach training (only 25 can be self-study and 100 must be "live" (teleclass or in-person) coach training hours; a majority must be on the ICF Core Competencies, 500 hours coaching others (450 paid), 10 hours being coached by an ICF PCC or MCC coach
MCC - (Master): 200 hours coach training (only 40 can be self-study and 160 must be "live" (teleclass or in-person), coach training hours; a majority must be on the ICF Core Competencies), 2,500 hours coaching others

The Process for Applying for an ICF Credential Using WCI Coach Training Credit Hours

1. Select the credential category you are applying for above.

2. Complete the requirements including Coach Training (Certificate), Client Log (provided during training) & Mentor Log (provided during training).

  • You will need your WCI certificate for application as well
  • Our Foundational Teleclass gives you enough coach training hours for the ACC
  • Our Foundational Teleclass plus CCMC Teleclass gives you enough coach training hours for the PCC
  • If using WCI CCMC training hours please also submit the ICF Core Competency Index found in the CCMC Student Center

3. Get your Recorded Coaching Session(s) together to be submitted with your ICF application.

4. Complete the ACSTH Application for the ACC, PCC or MCC

5. Once approved to do so by the ICF you will then proceed with Online Exam to be completed on your computer at home.

6. Receive your ICF Credential if you have met all the requirements.

7. Renew every 3 years following the requirements.

ACC, PCC, and MCC Credentials are valid for the three-year period following the coach's initial approval or latest renewal. Credentials must be renewed by December 31 of the year the credential expires. For example, a credential awarded in 2012 must be renewed by 12-31-15. You may only submit Continuing Coach Education completed in the three years since the initial award of

  • Submission of the renewal application with appropriate documentation. Upon purchase, a link to the credential application will be forwarded via email.
  • Participation in at least 40 hours of Continuing Coach Education (CCE), with at least 24 hours in Core Competencies.
  • For ACC renewals only, an additional 10 hours of Mentor Coaching above those hours required for initial credential.

WCI ICF Mentor Coaching Options

When applying for an International Coach Federation (ICF) ACC or PCC credential you need to obtain 10 hours of mentoring over three months from an ICF PCC or ICF MCC coach. 7 of these hours can be from a group setting.


WCI offers a comprehensive five-week ICF Group Mentor Teleclass which includes: 1) ICF application insight and support 2) an advanced in-class coaching practicum 3) in-depth look at what will allow one to pass or not pass the credentialing application of their choice 4) and fulfillment of the required Individual ICF Mentoring Sessions


We firmly believe that you should be able to choose your ICF Mentor Coach. If you choose to sign-up with one of our ICF mentor coaches, we have arranged for you to receive a 30% discount on their 10-Hour Mentor Coaching Packages. The contract and payment would be directly with your chosen coach. Read more about the coaches and their packages.