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Coach Jacquie Ross

Coach Jacquie Ross, CPC, YPF
Press Release

My training as a life coach has opened up a new world of possibilities. It has also helped me to become a better organizer.

I have learned how to truly listen to my clients and help them to create a vision for their space and their lives. I now have an additional valuable skill set that sets me apart and enables me to serve moms worldwide.

What contributed to my success was excellent WCI trainers. It was wonderful to listen to the different styles of coaching. Also, the training materials and online business building resources were excellent and I continue to refer to them today. I am so glad that I chose WCI for my professional life coach training.

Coach Mike Reis

Coach Mike Reis, CPC, CAC, CCRC, MCC
Decision Point Wellness Center

When I started my training at WCI, I wanted to start my own business helping others struggling with addiction recovery and transition out of a successful 30 year career as a sales executive with some of the world’s largest companies and best known brands.

It may be an over-used phrase, but it's so true when it comes to this course....it is "life changing"! Not only do I have a fantastic start on my business as a result of this training, but it improved the quality of my personal life forever.

I attribute the success of this course to the leadership at the top of this organization in Ally, and the outstanding instructors I had the pleasure of working with each week in Cheryl, Angela and Kathy.  When you combine this with first class materials and resources, it's an unbeatable combination for success.

Dr. Tina Scott

Dr. Tina Scott, CLC, CRC, MCC

My instructor was very knowledgable on many levels. She provided great notes and lectures. The live coaching sessions were very helpful in addition to the instructor’s feedback. The program material was an easy read. Meaning the material was understandable and gave me the proper platform for establishing myself as a coach.

Coach Christopher Spaulding

Coach Christopher Spaulding, CPC, CLC, CCC

I was 45, semi-retired and looking for some mid-life, higher purpose, pro-social career option that leveraged my skills and strengths.

The course opened my mind to a vast range of possibilities within close reach. What contributed to my success was WCI’s great methodology and structure, clear concise lessons, helpful and appropriate follow-up modules.

Coach Royce Oliver

Coach Royce Oliver, CLC

I was ready to fulfill new goals of becoming a Certified Life Coach through an amazing coach certification program. Becoming a Life Coach has been a goal of mine for years and finally it came true in a beautiful way in 2009 with WCI. I wanted to grow spiritually and professionally and become the most adept Life Coach I possibly could be.

The course really added dimensions to my business for which I cannot express enough joy. WCI really impacted my life. It changed me and my integrity in my personal life as well as gave me the strengths and skills to be an amazing Certified Life Coach in the USA and abroad. 

The materials and instruction were superior at WCI. I again have the deepest gratitude for the deep level of learning I received. It was life changing in personal ways and my private company, Infinite Bodycare, has reaped so many new clients from the development of a Life Coaching Program within the Fitness and Holistic Realm.

Coach Yehya Kheireldin

Coach Yehya Kheireldin, CPC, CBC, CCC, CEC (West Asia & Middle East)

I was about to start my own business in career coaching when I decided to state this course. Through this course I have become more self-aware of my capabilities. This course has taught me all about the career coaching business and helped me as an individual perform better.

The design of the course and its content were key contributors to my progress. Our mentors were exceptional coaches, transferring their knowledge of the years of experience.

Coach Mary Choicoine

Coach Mary Choicoine, CPC, CLC

I am already a consultant and have developed a coaching a process.  I felt it was important for my clients that I become certified and ensure that I was providing the best service possible to my clients.  I think it is important to always be the student enhancing and expanding my personal knowledge for service to others.

I am more secure in the work that I will do with clients.  They have the right to know that the person they are working with is well trained and focusing on their achievement with appropriate tools.

I was impressed with the lessons provided assisting an individual in setting up their business.  This is critical information to someone who is just starting out and hasn’t often thought of the logistics of having a successful business.

Coach David Platt

Coach David Platt, CLC, MCC

I had been a school psychologist for 27 years, and wanted a new career. Life coaching was a perfect choice.

I know have the opportunity to go into a business for myself which of  course, has its set of pros and cons. It gives me the opportunity to start over in an exciting new field.

The materials were presented in a clear, consistent fashion. There was ample opportunity for guidance from the instructor, who was helpful in answering all of the questions that I had.

I have taken a few self study courses. This has by far been the best!

*David enjoyed the course so much he upgraded to the teleclass!

Coach Jill Huggett

Coach Jill Huggett, CPC, CCC

I had just resigned from my position as a management executive.  I made a commitment to starting my own coaching business.  Registering for this course was one of the first things I did in starting my business.

My stress has decreased.  My excitement for my work has increased.  I have the blessing of flexibility to be with my kids and join them at their activities.  And I have met many happy people in the coaching world which I find very encouraging

Coach Marjorie Burciaga

Coach Marjorie Burciaga, CPC, CCC, CRC

I have my own image and wardrobe business and felt like by being a certified coach I would have more to offer my clients as a whole. I feel validated in what I can offer clients. And I feel like this course allows me to be a better communicator in all aspects of my life.

Coach Meagan Saum

Coach Meagan Saum, CPC, CLC, CAC

I was in the stage of my career where I was successful and felt I was so close to my purpose but not quite there.

I feel renewed and invigorated to set and meet my goals and move forward in my vision with my Animal Assisted Coaching Facility.

The materials are very easy to read and the workbook is made to not just do assignments but to realign the way you think about yourself. The course itself reenergized me to get my butt moving and no matter how busy I am in my life right now my intentions will only manifest if I put the actions out to achieve them.

Coach Shari Murray

Coach Shari Murray, CPC, CLC, YPF, CRC
Homeward Bound, Autism Family Coach

When I started this course I was a stay at home Mom with two middle-school-age kids.  I had left my career 15 years prior with the birth of my son.  My business was just an idea, nothing more. The opportunity for my business has changed because it exists now. 

At the completion of the course I already have two paying clients only because I was able to build my business at the same time I was developing my skills so I was ready to go right away.  My life has changed because I am doing what I love to do and getting paid to do it.  I am redefining myself after years of staying at home. 

The program as a whole contributed to my success.  First off the materials were very focused and applicable to everything I do as a coach. The instruction was very personal, both as a feeling, and how the instructors provided examples from their own practice as a coach. Buddy coaching both in and out of class allowed me to practice our skills right away and get immediate feedback on our progress and any areas that I needed to work on. The addition of the Business Builder Program was so valuable. It broke down the creation of a business into easy steps so you didn’t get overwhelmed. 

Coach Satina Scott

Coach Satina Scott, CLC, CSC, CBEL

I had training and experience in regular counseling and spiritual counseling, and had operated a part-time spiritual counseling practice for many years with varying levels of success, but I couldn’t create the kind of consistent client contact or income I wanted, and I had a very hard time defining what it was I even did, a very common problem of those trying to do spiritual work.

This is the most powerful thing I’ve ever done for myself professionally, and that includes graduate school! Having the structure and magic of the coaching process to add to what I was already doing is, I believe, the missing piece to me being able to do what I am meant to do in this world.  And this school isn’t just about training coaches, it’s about creating successful, truly effective coaches, and there is a real difference. I am more clear than ever on what I’m here to do, how to do it, and how very valued my contribution is in the world. Not only that, but I have a solid foundation in business building that will help me bring my work to the world!

I have felt completely supported throughout the course, and I know that my instructor is completely invested in my success, not only as a student in the course, but as a professional coach. She has the most encouraging, patient, and truly empowering approach and energy I’ve ever experienced in an instructor. I can’t say enough about her, this program, or the coaching process in general. It was the mission of the school that got me first. It’s obvious that the program is not just about filling a need for coach training, it’s about making a lasting positive impact on the world. It’s also about making coach training affordable, something I have not seen anywhere else. And I looked forward to every course module. The materials gave me a step-by-step understanding of what, to me, was a rather undefinable process, and the assistance in setting up my business was absolutely priceless. I had a good amount of experience with marketing, and I still learned so much that it transformed the way I do business. The additional resources supplied in the Student Resource Center were truly valuable, cutting-edge materials I can use throughout my business career. No filler here! I was especially grateful that creativity and intuition were foundational to everything we did, and I was very surprised at how much more awareness I had about not only my work, but myself personally when I finished the course!

Coach Miriam Shouldice

Coach Miriam Shouldice, CLC, YPF
Cope & Thriving Coaching

After being an ‘At Home Mom” for many years, I was ready to learn new skills and get back into the workforce. I had previously worked as an elementary school teacher and was looking for a new career. Working for myself had always been a dream of mine. I discovered through the WCI course a way to integrate my own life experience with the coaching training. Before I began the course I felt that my options were limited. However, after completing the course I felt that I could take on the world and that I was confident and ready to launch my business and my new career.

I am totally rejuvenated and invigorated as a result of training with WCI and my instructor's mentoring. I now have the confidence in my abilities, the training as a coach, and an understanding of business and marketing setup. You really get the tools you need for the best start in the coaching business!

I believe that every aspect of the training was carefully prepared, and easy to understand. In this field it is especially important to learn from others and at WCI there is ample opportunity to do this through the modules, self-study, in-class coaching, and ‘buddy coaching’. WCI has payment plans options suited to all budgets with tele-classes and self-study classes and a wide range of niche certifications to choose from.

I really would urge you to think about WCI as it far exceeded my expectations. The experience was wonderful and life changing. I know how to go about building my coaching practice with a firm belief in myself. My instructor helped me understand how life experience counts for so much and I felt she really cared for each of her students.