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Student Raves

Many of our students like to let us know how they feel without us even asking!

Please see some of our amazing feedback below:

"This product is so superior to the previous coaching school I attended. You are on the right track and I'm excited to be a part of
Gerri H., CSC, CCMC

The resources in the Student Center just blew me away. I took another course last year and they had nothing close to what you offer. Seeing the resources alone was enough for me!
Shelly F., CRC, CSC

You are so right about WCI offering the best teaching for Coaching! I have spoken with other coaches who have attended other coach schools, courses, etc. I can tell that what we have gotten from you guys is really superior. Thanks.
Donna F., CPC, CCMC

I can't tell you how much I love your training program!  It's so thorough.  In conversations with coaches I know through local networking, I can tell you that none of them have had business plans built in to their training. In fact, I just did a session with a networking connection who just finished her health coach training. She'd been in training for over a year and still has no idea how to define her niche or "hook" an audience. 
Debra H., CPC

"I’m getting great reports from your students about how much they are loving your program; how detailed, organized, skillful and fun you are! Nothing but rave reviews. Bravo!"
Doro K., ICF Mentor Coach

I am so happy I took the time to do my research, but most of all followed my instinct...I can't talk about other training organizations, but this to me is the best - THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for putting your love into this program, it is greatly appreciated by all.
Kurt L., CPC, CBC

This is very exciting! As a curriculum geek, I must say that I'm very impressed with the comprehensive nature of what you've created. I truly enjoy the class and feel I've found a niche that allows me to pull everything I love together into one package. Debra H., CPC

I came into the foundational class only wanting to see if coaching was something I could do. I am leaving- confirmed of my direction, clear on my purpose and niche, confident in my approach.
Kathy B., CRC

I have completed all steps to be in business and I am up and running. I am so excited about the things that are happening. I am getting ready to do a womans conference in SC and one here where I live. I am also working with several local churches to get a relationship seminar together in February. Lastly, I am in the process of writing my first book, whew that's a lot huh? Wanda L., YPF, CRC, CAC, CCRC

I really like how simple but informative the course is. Easy to understand, and structured!
Gina D., CCRC, CAC

As I'm going through the material again completing assignments, I'm even more impressed with the wealth of information and the entire course.
Dawn L., CLC, CWC

Third steady client; making a significant difference in their lives...Go ahead..."I told you so". Thanks again!
Marcia B., CPC
I have really enjoyed this course. It has been so helpful cementing what I already know about addiction and helping to put it into a better coaching context, and also for so many new ideas and insights which have really got my creative juices flowing.Thank you.
Lisa L., CAC
By the way, I'm loving this training.  I can't wait for the CCMC training that starts in January!
I had a wonderful time in the Foundational Teleclass!  I met so many wonderful people and the instruction and materials were awesome!  It was an incredible experience and I have both personally and professionally grown by leaps and bounds! SO MUCH INFO, everything I need! Thank you so much for running such an awesome program!
Lorrie M., CRC, YPF, CLC

The teleclass today was very interesting and informative!!  It just keeps getting better! 
Joy L., CLC, CSC

I just wanted to say how thrilled I am to be participating in this training...I'M SUPER THRILLED! I'm soaking up everything you are saying like a sponge. And I feel more solid after each class that THIS is what I was designed to do. I am very satisfied thus far with WCI and all it is offering me on this journey. 
Lauren M., CCRC

I'm really excited about WCI and how far I've come in a short time.
Jill A., YPF

"After much time with the Master I just wanted to thank you and express to you how grateful I am that you had a vision and the passion to make WCI happen for not only yourself but for all the Coaches that you have touched! I can't tell you how many times I have shared the story of my encounter with you and each and every emotion of empowerment that I have experienced during our tele-classes. I am so excited about the potential and reality that attending courses through WCI have afforded me! Again thank you and the entire staff for ensuring that not only I received the best training but every person that I know has come the program has received nothing but the best of you and your staff!"
Jennifer B., CBEL, CCMC

"I just want you to know that business is going well and again I thank you for all your great training. I have not advertised because my hands have been full with the coachee's that I have. Take care and again thanks for everything. Your training is priceless, I could only repay you by being the best coach on the planet."
Shahnar J., CLC, CBEL

"What a life changing course! There's so much material here for a life's work, I'm very happy. Congratulations once again on amalgamating such a resource of materials for us coaches. The diversity of the resources is extensive and comprehensive. So far - 3 clients paying by Nov 1st!! WOOHOO!"
Angela B., CPC, CSC

"I am LOVING the training I am receiving with WCI!  Thank you for an incredible program- everything I could have wished for in and more!  Great instructors, fantastic material, wonderful in class procedures!...AGAIN- WCI Rocks!  Over delivered in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!!"
Deaunna E., CWC, CPC, CLC

"The WCI training exceeded my expectations! It was very well laid out and presented in a very pragmatic teaching style. The instructors did a great job of interjecting real life coaching experience to help me understand the material. I come from an HR background so I am use to more consulting as oppose to coaching. The course material and coaching sessions helped me make a paradigm shift so that I can become more effective in helping people realize that the answer lies within. I highly recommend WCI!"
Ronnie W., CLC, CPC

"I wanted to share the book cover with you. The book in conjunction with all that I have learned from your course has provided the perfect platform for me to launch my coaching business. :-)  I am extremely excited to have completed this course. It was absolutely fantastic and I have learned so much. The book has launched and I am on my 3rd panel. It has been quit the ride, radio interviews, panels, books signings etc. Social media has been amazing! In addition, everyone that asks about my coaching curriculum I send them your way. :-) I really do love the program. It comes up a lot. It is becoming a VERY popular field these days. Thanks for the support :-)"
Raychelle L., CPC, CLC

"I just wanted to let you know I've started incorporating my coaching dialog with my esthetic and massage clients. I am so excited! I already feel my confidence levels rising. And, it’s adding a new element of professionalism to my practice. Yea! Have a great week."
Mary C., CPC, CSC

"I like the way the course is designed to make you think of what you want to DO for your business! I'm looking forward to getting started coaching!"
Paul P., CPC, CRC, CAC

æEvery day I feel more confident in my decision to become a life coach. I just feel blessed that your organization was there to help cultivate my desire to become a coach. Thanks again."
Alex P., CPC, CLC

"Thank you so much for everything! Your course was an absolute joy, and I wouldn't be surprised if you hear from me in the future for your master course :-)"
Katie N., CPC, CWC

"I'm enjoying my studies immensely - thanks so much!"
Mary M., CPC, CLC

"I just had my completed my first pro bono session and I did quite well...thank you for the training…"
Marcia B., CPC, CLC

"Thank you again for your wonderful class and continued support. There is so much appreciation from me, and the class as a whole! I am confident to coach now!"
Katie N., CPC, CWC

"Thank you for your encouragement last night. You make it easy for us to work the process and learn."
Lorraine M., CPC, CWC, CLC, CCMC

"I have really enjoyed the course."
Maria T., CPC, CBEL

"I want to let you know how happy I am that I made the decision to enroll in the WCI coaching program. I absolutely loved the course, curriculum, and your teaching approach. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from you, as well as interact with a group of amazing fellow coaches! I don't find it a coincidence that I found the WCI course online as I was searching for the coaching course that would be the best "fit" for me. I believe that I was meant to take part in your course & I've loved every minute of it! It was a fun-filled journey of self-discovery, growth and insight. Thank you so much for your hard-work, dedication and determination in making this course such a success!!"
Heather, CLC

"I had to just say thanks so much for having these tools available on the website! I am so excited to use them and refocus with them! My gut told me when I found you and WCI that this was where I needed to be...yeah! I was so right!"
Tammy, CPC, CLC, CRC

"Thank you for a very productive and well organised class.I am very happy and know I chose the right fit."

"You have had such a major impact in my life!  I am just so glad that on the 3rd of May I saw that web advertisement.  I still can't believe that I finally feel as if I am walking in my purpose.  This program has given my so much strength, I have no choice but to continue to soar.  Again thank you for everything!"
Jennifer, CBEL, CCMC

"I so enjoyed last night's class and can't wait for more!"
Lila, CPC, CWC

"Did my  first buddy session today - this COACHING SYSTEM ROCKS!"
Angela, CSC

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the class. I know I speak for all of us in the class when I say you have been a great coach and incredible teacher throughout the past few months assisting us all on our own little journeys into helping others. I really enjoyed the class and look forward to bringing what you've taught me into my energy healing, soul realignment and all of my other adventures in life both new and old. So THANK YOU!!!" 
Crystal, CLC, CSC

"Thank you so very much.  Your training, support and warmth really is more than anyone needs to succeed."
Barbara, CPC, CRC

"WOW! What a great class! I really made the right choice coming to your school. This is exactly what I need and I can totally feel the positive energy that this class has. You have put together something very special here. I will send you lots of students!" Tanya, CLC, CBEL, CCMC

"Loving the class...."
Kristen, CBEL, CRC

"I can't seem to get this smile off my face. Thank you SO much!!"
Deani, CLC

"I have to tell you, attending this course has been life changing!  I love it and it is so informative. It really breaks it down into easy to handle pieces. I will be happy to get you a testimonial once I graduate.Kudos to you for putting together such a great program! Thank you!"
Tanya, CBEL, MCC

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm getting more out of the course than I previously expected! I am finding this process very enlightening to myself. I'm learning about myself, which is great! That's why I'm moving so fast! :-) I can't wait to see what's next!" Diana, YPF-SS

"That was great! I truly enjoyed the class and especially meeting all new people. I am looking forward to the rest of the class." Barbara, CLC, CRC, CMCC

"Thank you for putting together a great program. Although I’ve been coaching for a few years – this material definitely reaffirmed my love of coaching and helped me to become SO much more organized and streamlined in my processes!"
Faith, CLC, CWC

"I am so grateful that I found this course. I am more confident than ever in my ability to coach and I've taken other coach training in the past. Your program blows the other courses away!"
Jacqui, CLC

"I enjoyed so much being in this class and I believe I received excellent training which will serve me for long time in my career. Thank you, you were very inspirational for me."

"I meant to tell you that I took a christian life coaching course earlier this year. I wanted a christian life coach certification and the course was affordable. I have to say it was NIGHT AND DAY between the two coaching programs. Your program delivered way more content. Honestly, had I only taken that course I would have been lost as a coach. No one would be able to start a coaching practice from that course. Taking that training really made me see the value in the service you provide. Your program is trully a complete program geared to making you a true coach before you finish."
Eric, CLC

"I absolutely love the course and material!! I'm so glad that I decided to enroll. Thank you so much for taking the time with me in the beginning to explain the curriculum. I really feel as though this is totally changing the direction of my life and career! Thanks again for everything :) You're an awesome instructor & I'm loving the class!!"
Heather, CLC

"Thanks so very much.  I truly enjoyed the class.  I was impressed with the structure, the material, the resources, your organization and preparation, your instruction...... Overall, great class."
Dora, CLC

I'm getting great reports from your students about how much they are loving your program; how detailed, organized, skillful and fun you are! Nothing but rave reviews. 

What a life changing course! There's so much material here for a life's work, I'm very happy. Congratulations once again on amalgamating such a resource of materials for us coaching novices. The diversity of the resources is extensive and comprehensive. So far - 3 clients paying by Nov 1st!! WOOHOO!
Angela, CPC, CSC

Thank you again for your wonderful class and continued support. There is so much appreciation from me, and the class as a whole! I am confident to coach now!
Katie, CWC

I just wanted to let you know I've started incorporating my coaching dialog with my esthetic and massage clients. I am so excited! I already feel my confidence levels rising. And, its adding a new element of professionalism to my practice. Yea! Have a great week.
Mary, CPC, CSC

I like the way the course is designed to make you think of what you want to DO for your business! I'm looking forward to getting started coaching! 
Paul, CPC, CLC

Thank you for your encouragement last night. You make it easy for us to work the process and learn.
Lorraine, CPC, CWC, CLC, CCMC

I have really enjoyed the course.
Maria, CPC, CBEL

"Thank you soo much, you have been so helpful thus far. Someone asked me why I chose World Coach Institute and my response was that, besides WCI being ICF approved, the rapid responses and consistent feedback made my decision easier. I have researched a lot of schools but they took ages to get back to me. You were available to answer all my questions and that I truly appreciate!!!! Thank you!!!"
Narda, CLC

"Thank you for your prompt responses! You are such a wonderful teacher!"
Clarisse, CLC, CAC

"I have thoroughly enjoyed each class. The mentoring and teaching style is approachable, knowledgeable, and admired. The classes have opened my awareness of my human surroundings as well deepening my inner balance."

"I just want you to know that I really enjoyed last night class. It was very informative and the in class buddy coaching was great. :)" Shahnar, CBL

"I just wanted to tell you that tonight's class was wonderful"...."And the structure. I can't tell you how grateful I am to learn how to put that into practice"....."having a solid way to offer and define my work is beyond price"..."On top of that, learning how to build consistent relationships into my practice is just amazing"...."I'm ecstatic that perhaps I've hit on the secret to using the gifts I was born to use on this planet, and making very good money doing it. I truly feel this course (and you!) are a huge blessing and big part of my True Purpose." 

"Thank you for such a WONDERFUL experience and igniting what I am truly passionate about allowing me to live a dream." Crystal, CLC, CSC

"You really deliver WAY over and above just coach training.  It's obvious to me you're not about training people to coach, you're about creating successful coaches.  There's a definite difference.  :-)
Satina, CLC, CSC, CBEL

"We now require anyone interested in becoming a Private Coach on our site (within our company) to take the Life Coaching Course at WCI. I would recommend WCI to anyone wanting to explore coaching!"

"I have taken a few self study coaching courses. This has by far been the best."
David, CLC SS

"I have to tell you that your course is really changing my life. I am so happy and delighted with myself that I had to write and tell you that you are doing an amazing job. Every class has been great, but I suppose when things just click and fall into place, that's just beautiful like last night. The Personal Foundation Module is definitely my favorite and so powerful :) You are making a huge difference in the world." 
Miriam, YPF

Loved the course! Good information and right to the point step-by-step.
Lisa P., CSC, CRC
I love being a life coach and loved the training I got from your school.
I just loved this class!
Renn P. CLC, CEC
A BIG THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT AND QUICK HELP! I appreciate it a lot, thank you indeed!
Natalia S., CRC, CAC
I'm thoroughly enjoying your recovery coach course and learning a lot!
Dan F. CAC

"I really love the course and am learning so much. You are very patient with a lovely, gentle voice and a great teacher." YPF

"My instructor has been God Send in my walk of beginning this journey as a life coach! She teaches the class as an expert with such grace and patience, and always willing to help in anyway that she can!! She is truly an asset to the coaching community as large!!" CLC

"You really have inspired me and have made me feel that I can do anything." YPF

"Wow, this (module 3) was amazing to read!  Even with all the network marketing training AND the spiritual motivation research I've done, nothing has been so powerful." CLC, CSC

"This is the best thing I ever did for my professional and personal life." CLC, CSC

"I want to tell you again how grateful I am to have your advice and support. I've been going through the downloads in the Student Center and they're just great. LOVE the 100 Smiles one and as soon as my new ink cartridge gets here, I'm going to do it and hang it on my office wall.  :-)" CLC

"Our instructor is wonderfully enlightened. She brings a positive and inspiring energy to every class. Her wisdom, knowledge and insights have immediate and practical application to succeeding every step of the way." CLC

"Thank you for all your help that you have offered me...you're just amazing and you've helped me change my life. I just feel like telling you that." CLC

"You are so inspirational, uplifing and non-selfish. You want everyone that you mentor to be just as successful as you are, and that is just awesome!" CLC

"I really enjoyed the class tonight and am looking forward to starting to practice coaching and asking questions this week. This class is everything I had hoped it would be and so much more!" CLC

"Our instructor is superb with insightful knowledge, ideas, and personal experiences to share. She is helpful and makes the class feel comfortable, motivated, and excited for the future. You not only look forward to your classes, you are sad when they end!" CLC

"I wanted to tell you that class yesterday was wonderful. It was transformational for me and I can't wait to see what is ahead. I am learning so much and I really love coming to class with you as the instructor. You add so much with your extra tid bits and I value everything that you are giving, not just information but giving of yourself. Your insight is amazing! I am so glad that our paths have met at this time, right now :) The present..." CLC

"Our instructor has been coaching for many years and has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience. During the class, she offered many ‘real life’ examples of situations she’d actually been in. She teaches in a way that she never leaves anyone behind. It seemed as if she really cared about us and our future success as professional coaches." CLC

"So glad to share this beautiful class with you! I'm very happy to be here. You really vibrate high, thank you for that!" CLC

"Thanks for being such a great instructor and an awesome and caring person!!! I love learning from you, it has given me so much hope for my future!!!!" CLC

"My instructor was very knowledgeable about all aspects of coaching instruction. The atmosphere she created in each class was beneficial to learning and comfortable as to not feel self conscious. She answered all of our questions completely and made the experience very enlightening and enjoyable. I found myself looking forward to each and every class. Thank you." CLC

"Thank you again for being such an awesome teacher and providing me the opportunity to become a coach and follow my passion." CLC

"I am so excited. I am totally grateful for your words of wisdom, advice and willingness to share." CLC

"Our instructor was such an inspiring teacher. She freely shared her experiences which led her to become a Coach and she led the class in a way that made it easy to clearly understand the material and feel supported throughout the classes." CLC

"Thank you for being such an amazing instructor, I always looked forward to our classes.  We had such an awesome group of people. I am looking forward to a successful career as a Life Coach." CLC

"Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the class(es)...you made my experience an awesome and enriching one!!!" CLC

"Thank you so much for all you've done to help propel me into the world of coaching and into living my dreams." CLC

"It has been such a pleasure to work with you from start to finish and I am eternally grateful for you being the conduit toward my life dream fulfillment. Thank you so much for all you have taught me." CLC

''Just wanted to get a quick note to you that I really enjoyed last night's class. I didn't get a chance to experience your particular coaching method as I went through my previous coach training, but wanted to let you know, I found it inspiring and look forward to the remainder of the classes." CLC

"There's no doubt in my mind that the value of coach training goes beyond 'How to be a Coach'. Nevertheless in order for that to happen you need an outstanding program. You need to be congratulated!  Your personal input as a coach trainer is highly appreciated. I believe you spiced things up nicely throughout. You never know what kind of an impact you will have on people (regardless of the program)...I've learned this lesson as a teacher." CLC

"I am looking forward to the next class. The classes have been amazing and I love the material we cover. You bring a wonderful positive energy to every class! After each class I feel so empowered that I am on this career path of becoming a Life Coach." CLC