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Coaching Training Options

WCI is a leading edge coaching school that was the first ever to offer niche course options, a business development program and a proven methodology that works every time!

We love to offer coach training options of which we have many.

Foundational ICF & BCC Approved Coach Training Teleclasses

Most of our students start with one of our 8-week, 48-hour Foundational Teleclass Coach Training programs.

We also offer a 6-day, 48-hour Foundational Intensive Teleclass Coach Training program that gives you all the same credit hours as our 8-week Foundational Teleclass.

Foundational Self-Study Coach Training Teleclasses

We also offer 4-8 week downloadable Foundational Self-Study Coach Training programs.

Niche Add-on Coach Training Courses

If you are enrolling in or have completed one of our Foundational coaching courses you are eligible to enroll in our Niche Add-on Courses which allow you to gain additional certification in your areas of passion without going through a full foundational course.

Coach Training Master Class

If you have completed our Foundational Coach Training Course or equivalent you are also eligible to enroll in our Certified Coach Master Class which focuses on Group Coach Training, Laser Coach Training and Deep Coach Training

Coach Business Builder Programs + Coach Career Builder Programs

WCI was the first coaching school ever to offer a Coach Business Builder Program & Coach Career Builder Program!

In fact, we even coined the terms "Business Builder" & "Career Builder"!

Now we even offer the advanced Coach Business Builder Program II and Coach Career Builder Program II.

Coaching Credentials

See how you might use your WCI Teleclass Training Hours to apply for an industry ICF or BCC credential!

All of our Foundational Teleclasses give you 48 ACSTH ICF Approved Teleclass Coach Training Hours and plenty of self-study coach training hours to apply for an ICF credential.

And all of our Foundational Teleclasses & CCMC Teleclass are approved for the BCC credential application.

Coaching Community

Being part of the WCI alumni community means being part of a prestigious group of successful movers and shakers. WCI alumni are very active in WCI's COACHING EXCELLENCE GROUP for Students & Grads Only and WCI's COACH MARKETING GROUP for Students & Grads Only!

We would be honored for you to join us!