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Through WCI’s Certified Coach Master Class teleclass training program you have an opportunity to advance yourcoaching skills, accumulate coach training hours, and take your business to the next level. Through this course you learn how to apply WCI’s Proven Methodology for deep coaching, laser coaching, & group coaching with confidence. With WCI’s Master Coach Certification, Group Coach Certification and Laser Coach Certification received through this course you open up opportunities to grow your coaching business and become an authority in the coaching industry. This course when combined with one of our Foundational Teleclasses gives you enough ICF coach training hours to apply for your ICF PCC credential.

Advanced Skills Development – Deep, Group & Laser Coaching
Learn how to deep coach, laser coach and group coach using WCI coaching models. You will also have the opportunity to practice and receive feedback on your deep coaching, group coaching, & laser coaching skills both inside and outside of class.

Speakers Bureau
Upon completion of this CCMC course you will be automatically inducted into the WCI Speakers Bureau!


  • CCMC Teleclass Certification
  • Niche Add-ons

Program Title: Certified Coach Master Class (CCMC) Teleclass Coach Training Course

Program Overview: Comprehensive 8 1/2 week teleclass includes WCI Coach Training Methodology Learning & Application, Master Coach Training Practicum, Business Development Project & Buddy Coaching

Coach Certification Earned:
Certified Master Coach (CMC)
Certified Group Coach (CGC)
Certified Laser Coach (CLAC)
Certified Team Coach (CTC)

Credits Earned
- 52 Teleclass Hours + 27 Self-study Hours
- 79 CCE Approved Hours toward the BCC Credential.

Additional Hours Earned (included in CCE approved hours)
- Additional Buddy Coaching Practicum. 11 Total Hours.
- Additional Self-Study Requirement. 52 Total Hours.

Key Learning Areas
- Advanced Coaching Application
- Advanced Coach Communication Skills
- Advanced Application of Core Coaching Competencies
- Advanced Coaching Application Concepts
- Business & Career Development Level II

- Modules
- Methodology Learning & Application
- Lecture & Discussion
- Coach Training Practicum
- WCI Coach Tools Application
- Client Forms
- Buddy Coaching Practicum
- WCI Student & Graduate Online Community Access
- Business Builder Program II 114-Page Manual
- Career Builder Program II

You must be enrolled in or you must have already enrolled in one of the following courses.

- WCI Foundational Teleclass
- Completion of a foundational or advanced coach training course from another qualifying coach training school with similar teleclass or in-person training hours

Coaching Training Practicum: Observe up to 31 coaching sessions, coach twice and be coached twice, receive feedback and provide feedback to others

Buddy Coaching:Meet with a new classmate each week to conduct one 30 minute laser coaching session with one another applying the skills learned that week; or meet with a triad to conduct a group coaching session. Make connections, develop alliances and connect with a support group and new friends, sometimes for life!

Speakers Bureau: Upon completion of this CCMC course you will be automatically inducted into the WCI Speakers Bureau!

Those Who May Be Interested Include But are Not Limited to the Following:

Professional Coaches:
Current Coaches who wish to advance their coaching business or gain additional credentials as a Master Coach, Group Coach or Laser Coach and those wishing to apply for or renew an ICF credential or BCC credential

Coaching Professionals:
Those who wish to enhance their current business or career such as Educators, Teachers & Instructors, Human Resources Professionals, Executives, Managers & Employees, Doctors, Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists & Therapists, Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Yoga & Pilates Teachers, & those wishing to apply for or renew an ICF credential

Course Objective: Deliver top notch masterful coaches armed with the confidence, skill, process, tools, and an ability to attract, please and maintain clients as well as take their business to the next level!

Estimated Time for Completion: Meet twice per week for 8 1/2 weeks

Class Length: 3 hours which includes coach training practicum, mentoring, lecture, discussion and Q&A

Class Project: There will be no final exam or homework assignments as there are in our other courses. Instead, each student will be responsible for a project. You will choose an area from the business building topics or career building topics provided (or suggest one of your own to be approved) and complete a project in that area. You will then present to the class how you went about completion of the project and share the final product with the class following a given outline. Presentations will take place during the last few weeks of the course.

Upon Successful Completion: You will hold the title of Master Certified Coach, Certified Group Coach, & Certified Laser Coach and you will receive certified coach seals for your marketing materials.

Upon Payment of Full Balance:You will receive via mail a Master Certified Coach (MCC), Certified Group Coach (CGC) & Certified Laser Coach (CLAC) certification detailing your coach training credits.

Coaching Skills Focus:

How to Laser Coach
How to Group Coach
How to Deep Coach

Business Builder II Focus:

Strategy & Campaign Planning
How to Create and Launch a PR Plan
How to Define and Build Your Personal Brand
How to Develop Presentations, Present & Attract Speaking Engagements
How to Create and Launch a Mastermind Group
How to Create a Book & Self-Publish
How to Deliver and Market Your Audio Programs including MP3s, CD's and Other File Formats
How to Create Your Own Radio Show
How to Network Effectively
How to run a Seminar or Workshop
How to set up Affiliate Marketing, Joint Ventures and Cross Promotion
How to Form a Partnership

Career Builder II Focus:

Career Purpose
Career Purpose II
Objective Setting
Reaching Higher
Tool Kit
Creating the Tool Kit
Mentors & Alliances
Creating Value for the Company
Generating Results for the Company
Personal Income
Asking for the Opportunity
Being a Star
Follow Through

Included Coach Tools:

Personal Brand Challenge, Features & Benefits Matrix, Become a Super Speaker, Using Your Voice, Book Writing Strategy, Book Launch Plan, PR Strategy, PR Plan, PR Plan Optimization, Mastermind Group Planner, Group Coaching Client List, Group Coaching Registration Form, Group Coaching Progress Management Form, Client Prep Sheet - Laser Coaching

At WCI we like to offer options! Therefore we currently offer 18+ niche coach certification areas which you may wish to pursue. Use these to broaden your target audience and business opportunities as a coach!

Pre-requisite: You must be registering or you must have already registered for one of the following courses.

  • WCI Foundational Teleclasses or
  • WCI Self-Study Course or
  • WCI Certified Coach Master Class or
  • Completion of a foundational or advanced coach training course from another qualifying coach training school

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