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ICF Mentor Class

WCI’s ICF Group Mentor Coaching Teleclass is an advanced coach training option.

This course is specifically for WCI coaches who are applying for an ICF Credential and interested in obtaining the required ten hours of ICF Mentor Coaching.

Program Title:
ICF Group Mentor Coaching Teleclass

Program Overview:
Comprehensive five-week teleclass which includes: 1) ICF application insight and support 2) an advanced in-class coaching practicum 3) in-depth look at what will allow one to pass or not pass the credentialing application of their choice 4) and fulfillment of the required Individual ICF Mentoring Sessions.

Coaching Certification Earned:
ICF Group Mentor Teleclass Certificate of Completion

Credits Earned:
- 7.5 Teleclass Hours which can be used for ICF Credential Application
—ICF Mentoring requirements allow for 7 of the 10 hours to be in a group setting
- 3 Hours of Individual Mentoring with Gerri Helms, ICF PCC

Key Learning Areas
- ICF Credential Application
- ICF Core Competencies In-Depth Study
- ICF Recording Submission Readiness
- 3 Areas of Coaching Skills Improvement Specific to You & Development in These Areas

- Course Content & Supplements
- Methodology Learning & Application
- Lecture & Discussion
- Coach Training Practicum
- ICF Recording Review Report
- Student Manual
- Student Center Access
- Individual ICF Mentor Sessions

You must be enrolled in or you must have already enrolled in one of the following courses.

- WCI Foundational Teleclass
- WCI CCMC Teleclass

Coaching Training Practicum:
Participate in and observe an in-depth study of coaching and the ICF Core Competencies.

Those Who May Be Interested Include But are Not Limited to the Following:
WCI coaches who wish to advance their coaching skills and apply for or renew an ICF credential.

Course Objective:
Deliver top notch masterful coaches ready for ICF credential application!

Estimated Time for Completion:
Meet once per week for 5 weeks. Please see upcoming course start dates and times on the Enrollment Form.

Then 45-minute individual sessions take place once each on the three Fridays (2pm - 7pm ET) and Saturdays (11am - 4pm ET) following the last class. You get to choose the time of your sessions!

Class Length: 90 minutes

Class Project: Submit a recording coaching session (the one you are planning to send with your ICF application) for review by WCI's Training Director and your course Instructor.

Upon Successful Completion & Payment of Full Balance:
You will hold a Certificate of Completion for the ICF Group Mentor Coaching Teleclass.