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Certified Coach Master Class

WCI launched the Certified Coach Master Class teleclass to give you an opportunity to advance your coaching skills, learn how to mentor others, accumulate coach training hours and take your business to the next level. With WCI’s master coach certification, group coach certification and laser coach certification’s received through this course you open up opportunities to grow your coaching business and become an authority in the coaching industry.

This  course when combined with one of our Foundational Teleclasses gives you enough ICF coach training hours to apply for your ICF PCC credential via the Portfolio Path.

Pre-requisite: You must be registering or you must have already registered for one of the following courses.

  • WCI Foundational Teleclasses or
  • WCI Self-Study Course or
  • Completion of a foundational or advanced coach training course from another qualifying coach training school

More on the Certified Coach Master Class Course:

Certified Coach Master Class