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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is coach training important for someone who wants to be a Coach?
Coaching is a process of questioning, listening and many other skills that create awareness and move a client forward. You will learn a process and structure that will deliver for the coachee every time!

This is different to consulting, advising, mentoring and therapy where a body of knowledge or advice and possible diagnosis is brought to the table. Coaching skills can actually be paired with consulting, advising, mentoring and therapy skills to make a better consultant, advisor, mentor or therapist.

What are the top 3 reasons why someone hires a coach?
According to a study released by the ICF in March 2009 the top five reasons someone hires a coach are: confidence, rapport, compatibility, coach approach, & coach certification.

All of our grads graduate with confidence. We work on this during our course so much that by the time our students finish they have confidence levels on average of a 9.8 out of 10, with 10 being outstanding levels confidence!

How do people go about finding a coach?
When hiring a coach, the ICF study conducted last year found that:
- About 40% of people ask their friends for recommendations
- About 70% of people only interview or call one coach -- so your Website is going to be very important!

What is the class format?
Classes are held via teleclass over a conference call line. The average class size is 10 - 12 students.  The class is led by your Instructor and include in-class coaching practicum, lecture, discussion, Q&A, and business development mentoring.

The main format for instruction for coach training schools is via teleclass for some very good reasons:

- 95 percent of coaching is conducted by phone 
- Coaching over the phone allows the clients to go deeper more quickly as it removes the wall of face-to-face meetings
- If you can learn to coach over the phone through our practicum work and buddy coaching, you can easily then coach in-person - If you learn to coach over the phone your potential clientele extends to the world
- You connect with and practice coaching with students from many different places, educational and professional backgrounds and walks of life which enhances your ability to coach a greater variety of clientele

What are teleclasses and how do they work?
Teleclasses are held on a conference call telephone line. You are provided with a phone number and password to log-in. You may use the conference line mute code during certain parts of the call. The number is not a toll-free number. You will also be provided with a playback number in case you miss a class.

When are teleclasses held?
You have the option of taking your class during weekends, evenings or weekdays. Please see class dates for the upcoming teleclass schedule.

What happens if I miss a class?
Missed classes do not have to be made up as you will have the materials to read on your own. We do offer a class playback option if you are interested though. To gain full credit for a teleclass course you do need to be present for 13 of 16 classes.

Do I have to pay long-distance fees when I call?
Yes. In the US, most students have unlimited long distance on their landline or free minutes on their cell phones in the evenings or on the weekends. Many students use calling cards too. For students in the US we recommed the AT&T 2000 minute card which is great value, should cover all of our teleclass course classes and can be used with cell phones or landlines.Please be advised that Skype, Magic Jack and other computer or internet-based phones are not allowed. Calling cards and cell phones are okay!

How often are the classes held?
Classes are held once or twice per week and not on major holidays.

How long are the classes?
Classes run 3 hours and include in-class coaching practicum, lecture, discussion, Q&A, and business development mentoring.

How do I apply for ICF (International Coach Federation) Accreditation?
It's easy. We show you how. We offer courses which give you enough coach training hours to apply for your ACC or PCC credential with the ICF.

Why should I choose WCI?
We are The World's Most Comprehensive Coach Training & Coach Business Development Program! We have proven methodology with unprecedented results.