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Niche Certifications

At WCI we like to offer options. We currently offer twelve niche areas within which you may become certified.



If you are enrolled or are enrolling in a WCI Foundational Self-Study Course or WCI Foundational Teleclass you also qualify to enroll in the following courses:
• WCI Self-Study Niche Add-on's
•  WCI Niche Weekend Teleclass INTENSIVES -- Coming Soon!

If you have proof of completion for a foundational or advanced coach training course from another qualifying coach training school with 60+ ICF approved coach training hours please email your certificate to admissions@worldcoachinstitute.com to gain approval to enroll in the following:

• WCI Niche Weekend Teleclass INTENSIVES -- Coming Soon!

Foundational Training

WCI's Certified Professional Coach foundational training teaches you to coach anyone on anything --- basically, handle anything the client wishes to work on. Here you will learn the core coaching model and communication skills. This will build confidence in knowing you are a professional coach who can handle anything. For example, if a Divorce Recovery Coach is working with someone over a few months and that client realizes that their career negatively impacted their marriage and now they want to be coached to find a new career, you as a Divorce Recovery Coach would not have to hand them over to a Career Coach. If you enroll in the Foundational Teleclass you will receive two text books for the teleclass: 1) Professional Coaching Models & 2) WCI's Business Builder Program. You also gain access to an online Student Center full of resources, Client Forms, and Coach Tools. To complete this part of the course you would attend your classes, complete the assignments and take the open book final exam. If you enroll in the Foundational Self-Study Course you will gain access to an online Student Center where you will download modules, complete your assignments and your open book final exam. After completion you will be able to coach in your niche. If you wish to gain additional depth of study and certification in your niche then you would move on to the Self-Study Niche Add-on's or the Niche Weekend Teleclass INTENSIVES. Please find more information on each of these options below.

Self-Study Niche Add-on's

Once the above is complete you will receive a niche password(s) to the Niche Student Center. Here you will be asked to download a set of modules and complete the assignments for each niche you selected during enrollment. These modules focus very specifically on your niche audiences, obstacles and approaches. You also will be able to download a set of coach tools that are niche specific. All of this additional information builds on what you have learned up to that point.

Niche Weekend Teleclass INTENSIVES

Niche Weekend Teleclass INTENSIVES are for advanced coaches who have completed their foundational training and would like to advance their skills in their niche. Each advanced niche course will cover: 1) Advanced Niche Coaching Skills Application 2) Research & Testing and 3) Coach Training Practicum. Each of these teleclasses will run on the following three days for a total of twenty hours.

Friday 10am—7pm ET
Saturday 10am—7pm ET
Saturday 12pm—4pm ET