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Meet the WCI Team

WCI's team is the best! You will experience coaching wisdom, real-life examples, advice and mentoring on how to be a success in this industry. Our instructors are extremely passionate about your success because they know how powerful this process is...they want for you what they have already achieved for themselves. They are available to you throughout your training and even beyond the completion of your course! You will be exposed to a handful of instructors during your course as well to give you a wider support team and body of wisdom to draw from. Please read about just a few of our team members below.

Our Team

Ally Weiser Ally Wieser Hernandez, CLC, MCC, CCT
President, WCI Coach Training School
Board Certified Coach

Wieser is responsible for the strategic management and direction of WCI. Wieser’s work has always been about thinking differently, building, exploring, expanding, and creating business and life strategies to help others grow themselves and their businesses. For over a decade she lived and worked in NYC and London creating strategies and marketing offerings for both ad agencies and as a consultant to solopreneurs and small to medium size businesses, delivering double and triple digit increases in revenue time and time again. An adrenal collapse encouraged her to obtain further education in nutritional therapy and coaching. This opportunity enabled her to transition her consulting business into a coaching business.  While training at a few coaching schools, teaching at another and leaving a partnership as COO with another she realized that there was a gap in the marketplace for a coach training program that taught both high quality coaching skills AND how to actually make money doing this for a career. So, she launched World Coach Institute, the first school to offer Niche Coach Training and Coach Business Development Mentoring. Her coaching practice focuses in the areas of career, business development, life, wellness and enlightened living. She was also voted Best Life Coach, 2008 by the Miami Sun Post, studied Pre-Med Psychology and holds a BA in Finance from Loyola University New Orleans.

“Thanks to the Team WCI for making this happen. There is a lot of work that is put in to making a great organization and in WCI it shows. The teachers, curriculum and materials are awesome. ” 
August G.

Cheryl Thacker
Cheryl Thacker,ICF PCC, CLC, MCC, CCRC, CAC, CRC
Training Director, WCI Coach Training School
Board Certified Coach

Thacker runs a large health based addiction recovery non-profit coaching organization. She has been teaching for over 10 years and has coached hundreds toward an addiction free lifestyle. She also has experience hiring & managing other coaches for this organization. She has also handled business management and development for financial institutions and has been a Business Development & Product/Sales Trainer in banking. She also owns and operates a website development and graphics business. She has appeared as a guest speaker on Global Talk Radio and has both a radio show and book in development.

"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how great the course is, and in particular, what a great teacher you are. I recognize that being a great teacher of coaching is a separate skill from being a great coach. You are so skillful at critiquing the coaching sessions in ways that build on what is good, no matter how little or how much of that there is, and being very direct about missteps and missing elements. To paraphrase a phrase we use in the consulting business, "met the client at the point of need," you really meet the student at their point of need; not where you wish they would be or think they should be. This I imagine takes a lot of focus and patience...and the way you find that from 8-11 at night after full days is pretty miraculous! I really appreciate this."
V. Andris, CPC, CEC

“I just wanted to mention how much I have enjoyed Cheryl as our instructor. I felt very safe with her and feel she really wanted us to succeed. She doesn't pull her punches which is great. She was gentle in helping us see the light without feeling the bolt. I very much enjoyed the exercises we did as well as her insights during our practicum. She has a great laugh. All that to say she did a great job and I was very pleased with her instruction.” 
Dana G., CBEL

“Cheryl is such an awesome instructor and really engaged in her classes, knows the materials very well, provides feedback after we coach and shares information from her experiences and ends each call with an interesting challenge. She's really passionate about teaching.”
Angela A., CLC, CSC, CCMC

Cheryl is a fantastic instructor as she herself is a very experienced life coach. Her insights and enthusiasm for supporting students through the process of becoming life coaches truly takes stamina, patience and expertise. She's got it all in abundance! I enjoyed the process so much I didn't want it to end.
Wendy L., CPC, CLC, CBC, CSC

Angela Badolato
Angela Badolato, ICF ACC, CPC, CSC

Badolato is an international spiritual coach and healer based in New York, Australia and Toronto Canada. She is a founding member of Core Four LLC, a group of four WCI graduates launching a healing retreat center to facilitate coaching, wellness and transformation through a physical location and virtual education services. Core Four LLC has received $10 million in funding for their Belize based retreat center!!! Angela is also the author of Body of Love: 10 Steps to Love Yourself and Your Body - A Workbook. Angela is originally from Australia has taught Sufi dance, middle eastern dance, is a certified qi-gong facilitator, and is certified in energetic healing modalities such as Reflexology, Body Talk and Love Stream Touch. Due to her international lifestyle, Angela became certified with WCI to be able to facilitate coaching over the phone when she could not attend to clients in person. Angela has six years of business, internet and real estate investment training and has a real estate investment business based in Jacksonville Florida. Her experience in the entrepreneurial field and investing in the US offers a wide variety of knowledge to launching students and clients into their own entrepreneurial and life “path” which she fully believes must reflect the essence of you, meeting and surpassing your material and spiritual goals.

I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed the last sessions of class. You are truly a gifted instructor and coach! Thank you for making my first exposure to coaching a positive one. You have inspired me to leave no stone unturned in building a successful practice and becoming the best coach possible. 

I want to thank you for your presence and your insightful teaching. I really enjoyed your classes.
Debby B., CSC, CLC, CRC

"Last night's class was amazing! Angela is a very talented coach and instructor."
Mike R., CAC, CCRC

"Angela did a great job and has an amazing personality.”
Tedi P., CPC, CCC

Gerri Helms Gerri Helms, ICF PCC, CAM, CEG, CSC, CWC
Instructor & Mentor Coach

Gerri Helms is a Certified Spiritual Coach and Dynamic Speaker, with twenty-five years of experience in the corporate setting. She started her coaching practice in 2006, helping people with life changes, spiritual goals and in the area of weight loss and maintenance, having lost over one hundred pounds and maintaining that for seventeen plus years.
Gerri is the author of Trust God and Buy Broccoli, A Spiritual Approach to Weight Loss, published in 2007, helping many who have not experienced permanent weight loss. She is also a contributing author to The ART of Grandparenting, released on Grandparents Day, September 13, 2009. Her chapter, Instant Grandma, is considered the most humorous in the book!

Gerri is a popular guest speaker, having addressed the Food Addiction Professionals Association, Space Coast Mental Health Counselors Association, The Indian River Methodist Church, the American Business Women’s Association and many others. She has been a guest on many radio shows, including AM Radio WMEL 921; Women are Talking Show and the morning show on 97.7FM – The Wolf in San Francisco, and many blog-talk radio shows. Gerri has been featured in the Brevard County edition of the Florida Today newspaper and Brevard County Woman magazine.

“I am really enjoying your wisdom and instruction in class! You have a great and kind way about you and yet till get the work done!”
Lorraine M., CLC, CWC, CCMC

“I just want to tell you how much I have loved working with you in this class!  Your spirit, your love for us, your attention to details -  it’s all contagious. You inspire me!  Thanks for being in our world!”
Kathy B., CLC, CRC, CCMC

“I want to thank you for a wonderful 8 weeks of learning to be a coach! Gerri was absolutely a wonderful teacher. I really learned a lot! ”
Louise S.

Meade Dickerson
Meade Dickerson, ICF MCC, CEC
Mentor Coach

Dickerson has been coaching executives to take large organizations such as Time, Inc., American Express, DHL, Tropical Shipping, Salomon Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch, H&R Block and Alliance Atlantis to the next level for years. Dickerson has been seeing new coaches through to their ICF credential for nearly a decade. His passion lies in seeing his mentees blossom not only into full- fledged ICF coaches but into coaches with thriving practices. Meade has already held the role of President, International Coach Federation, Miami Chapter.

Tom Mueller Deaunna Evans, ICF ACC, CLC, CWC, MCC

Coach Deaunna R. Evans, a Certified Master Life Coach and Executive Coach to women business owners and executive moms. Her company, Super Moms Coaching is based out of the Nashville, TN area. Coach Evans is dedicated to helping Executive Moms reduce stress, spend more time with family and skyrocket personal productivity to boot!  Extensive research shows that 'what happens at home doesn't stay at home!" meaning, family issues will always take precedence over work. So, when work-life balance is achieved and Moms enjoy deep family connectivity, she will inherently feel an increase in well-being for greater inner peace, happiness, not to mention what she wants most of all, more love and harmony at home!
Coach Evans is an admitted self-growth info-junkie and serial entrepreneur! While taking time off to raise her 3 children, she has been involved in the professional arena with MLM companies, owned a music store with her husband, and even ran a Kindermusik business. She finally found her calling at WCI in 2010 as an work-life balance coach to Executive Moms.  She brings to the table years of business and marketing experience plus business mindset strategies to help WCI students 'hit the ground running' to take phenomenal coaching gifts and talents into the world and get paid handsomely as well!

"I want to thank you for being one of our instructors, and for giving so much of yourself to our class. I truly enjoyed the time we spent together, and I learned so much more than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time! I am excited to be expanding my career to include coaching, and have decided to further my education and experience by enrolling in the WCI CCMC Course that begins next week! The knowledge and experience I have gained so far from WCI and our instructors has far exceeded my expectations, and you have been a big part of that! So, from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely say "Thank You"!!

Kathy Burrus Kathy Burrus, ICF PCC, CLC, CRC, CCMC

Burrus loves empowering others to find hope through her company, Green HOPE Coaching. Burrus came to WCI as a student with a passion to help others discover the reality of hope in their own stories so that they could take their next steps forward in life. Within the first 6 weeks of class, she was very aware of HER next step.  She quit her part time job, completed the CCMC class and launched her own practice as a life and relationship coach. WCI gave her not only what she longed for to be an effective coach, but also what she needed to create a successful business.  As a WCI instructor, she is continually learning new systems, processes, and even questions to ask to make her practice better.  She believes the tools you will receive here will be so beneficial in assisting you to create a purposed and clear business plan for your successful endeavor. WCI believed in her!  She looks forward to believing in you!

"I'm in the April 2 Foundational Teleclass. Cheryl's my TD and Kathy my 1st set Instructor. Here's where the "Yikes!" "Wow" "Yowza's" come in...such skilled and gifted women. Thanks for making this possible."
Carol H., CRC

Ronnie Witcher
Ronnie Witcher, CLC, CCC

Witcher has 16 years of experience in human resources specializing in implementing best practices, performance management, recruiting, relationship management and 360 Degrees coaching. He also has expertise in providing strategic consulting and training for business expansion and risk minimization. He has been highly successful in simplifying complicated processes for end users and customer service providers. Ronnie works with his coachees to help them reach their next level of success by identifying troubled areas and utilizing available resources to move forward with a viable action plan.

“I learned so much from him and just wanted him to know how much I enjoyed the last few weeks with him leading the class. He has a great way of explaining/teaching and making everyone feel comfortable and confident. I now have a great foundation to start with!!”
Melissa C., CCC

Coach Mike Reis


Coach Mike Reis is the founder and president of Reis Coaching Services and author of the book, Recovery of a Lifetime. Mike is a dynamic inspirational speaker who captivates audiences as he takes them on a journey through his recovery from a lifelong addiction to alcohol. He is the father of former New Orleans Saint and Super Bowl hero Chris Reis who recovered the game changing onside kick in Super Bowl XLIV. Their story is one of a son teaching the father. His son’s life and faith led him to God, and it was Chris’ historic recovery that ultimately inspired Mike’s own recovery from a 35-year addiction to alcohol. Their powerful stories of recovery are detailed in their upcoming book “Recovery of a Lifetime”. In advance of their book, they speak as a father-son team across the country, and their desire is to inspire, encourage and empower audiences to live intentionally through God’s truth and love with their parallel tales of “recovery”. Mike is a loving husband and father to six adult children and two grandchildren.

As a coach in training you will have an instructor who is passionate about coaching and living proof that the WCI methodology really works. WCI dramatically changed his life! Not only did he build a successful coaching practice, but he became a better person in the process. When he started his Foundational Coach Training, he was hoping to become a skilled coach and start a small practice on the side. Instead, his WCI training led him to become a published author, speaker and successful business owner. 

Mike is a WCI graduate, an aspiring Author, and a local SMART Recovery Group Leader. He also held a 30-year corporate career with some of the world’s largest companies and most recognizable brands: ConAgra Foods, PepsiCo and Hallmark Cards. He has association with (GCA) and Recovery Coaches International (RCI). He graduated from Georgia State University in 1982, BA Liberal Arts and Business and is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Georgia Coach.

"I enjoyed so much taking the teleclasses. Mike was phenomenal. His experience and passion were fabulous. I look forward using the knowledge I gained from the class in my career. The class was very intense, advanced and beautiful."
Nelson D., CCC

Kathy Burrus Ann Adams, ICF ACC, CPC, CWC

Coach Ann Adams is a life and health coach offering holistic coaching that focuses on the whole person; body, mind and spirit.  Believing that everyone has the right to live life to the fullest she guides clients to achieve balance in their lives and to unleash the power they have within themselves to create a life that brings them joy and satisfaction. 

Ann is also a certified holistic health practitioner (American Association of Drugless Practitioners) and has just started work on her first book.  She is based in Portland Oregon.  Ann possesses a passion for coaching that she is eager to share with her students.

"Ann is a naturally solid Instructor. She is the quintessential calm, refreshing delight, power of silence, and presence. She is eloquently solid as she steadily commands your focus as she allows you to silence your mind and focus. Her coaching style is pure in her gift of enhancing your enlightenment and knowledge. Coach Ann is a rare type and very genuine. Far from ‘thin-skinned’ as she openly listens in her delightful, polite lady-like and consistently professional manner. Coach Ann has that natural ability that makes me want to strive in spiritual goodness. It’s like sitting with a true friend with a glass of eggnog at Christmas by the fire place as she teaches and/ or coaches you. I am honored to have been taught and coached by her; an embedded life long and spiritual experience that I will always fondly remember. "
Thalia C., CLC, CCC, CCMC

Sue Battis Coach Susan Marie Battis, ICF ACC, CPC, CLC, CAC

Coach Susan Marie Battis runs Sunshine Life Solutions and is a personal empowerment life coach who helps women in transition re-ignite their inner fire and once again believe in their own unique beauty. After divorce and trauma lead her to hire a coach for herself, Susan knew that she must share this gift with other women as well. Now a single mother of 2 amazing young adults, Susan started her coaching business in order to help other women deal with their own lack of self-worth and confusion that can spring from sudden and at times traumatic, life changes. While raising her family, Susan spent over ten years homeschooling her children while chairing many volunteer programs through her church and community. Today Susan offers a wide range of programs and services - from individual coaching, to on-line workshops and retreats. Susan believes in giving back and will never turn anyone away due to their financial situation.

"Sue Battis is a wonderful instructor. She provides great feedback while always being encouraging at the same time. You can hear that she truly cares about each student, both as a person and as an emerging coach. Also, she is passionate about developing great coaches who can help their clients create transformational change."
Natalia M., CEC